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May 19, 2023

10 Summer Plants

With the arrival of summer, we often find ourselves seeking refuge indoors from the scorching heat. What better way to create a cool and refreshing atmosphere […]
April 14, 2023

ICICI Foundation

When u get a chance to become part of such an amazing cohort; it gives you a sense of validation that you are on right track […]
April 14, 2023

Bamboo Furniture

Few days back while i was in field met some village artisans who are into manufacturing of bamboo furniture at Jhadol, Udaipur […]
April 14, 2023


Just few days back got an opportunity to get feedback from one of farmer at Jhadol, Udaipur to whom i tried to provide market linkages for […]
April 14, 2023


Recently in last month got an opportunity to work with ICICI RSETI, Udaipur wherein we developed kitchen gardens in 10 Govt. schools at Salumber. It was […]